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5 Ways to get TONS of Instagram Followers

Instagram is gaining popularity among businesses and individuals because of its high-level efficiency. However, it is worth noting that just having an Instagram account is not enough. You must ensure that you have enough followers in order to attain the specific goals you have. There are different ways that you can use in order to attract more followers. Here are 4 top ways on how you can get more Instagram followers in a quick and easy manner.

1. Develop and optimize your Instagram profile

The most important thing you need to do is to ensure that your profile is fully optimised. Make sure that it looks good so that people can get attracted to it. The profile should be able to inform other people who you are and offer them a good reason why they should follow you. Begin by making sure that you have a username that can be recognized easily. Your profile picture should be the same you use on your other social networks. This makes it easy for people to recognize you in all the social networks and follow you. In overall, your bio should have actionable, delightful and relevant details about you.

2. Post frequently

Once you have optimised your Instagram profile, you must ensure that you post frequently. You should make sure that you have great posts that will attract people to your account. Make sure your posts are updated with the latest information and they are also interesting. As you do the posting, make sure that you put your target audience in mind. You have to understand the best time to post when most of your target audience are online. In addition, your posts should contain information or news relevant to them. By doing this, you encourage your followers to visit your account more and refer others to you.

3. Make use of captions that are compelling

Despite that Instagram is mostly a visual social network, the captions you use play a vital role in helping you get more followers. They help boost engagement that is necessary for more people to get interested in following you. One of the ways that you can do this is to have the most vital words up front. This ensures that you convey the most interesting and useful information right from the beginning. Another perfect way is to ask your target audience questions that encourage them to leave comments with their answers. This level of engagement allows your account to be more visible hence attracting more followers.

4 – Enter our GIVEAWAY!


In order to get your followers for Instagram we require your username to be entered into the text box below. Don’t worry we will never ask for your password as it should not be shared with anybody, once you have typed your username make sure it is correct otherwise our system will not be able to find your account. Please remember your account will always remain safe and won’t get banned while using our services at GrabFreeFollowers.

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5 – Read our Blog

By now you should have found a good few ways on how you can become famous on Instagram, however, if you are still struggling you have nothing to worry about as we have created a whole blog just to help people like yourself. If you read out blog we can guarantee you will have thousands if not millions of followers in no time! what are you waiting for? Go check it out by clicking the button below!

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Step 02 - Select Package

After the correct username has been entered our system will locate your account and display your profile details in the next section. If all the details are correct please proceed to choosing a package you want, we have 5 packages so hopefully you can find one you like!

Step 03 - Done

We will now prepare your selected amount of followers for delivery, some people may be asked to complete a human verification test but this is only if our system detects strange activity on your IP. After the test is completed your followers for Instagram will be delivered straight away.

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    Is there something you would like to change locally, nationally or internationally. Engaging institutions or authorities using your popular Instagram account gives you a louder voice. Authorities will be more likely to act or at least make a few changes when engaged by someone popular than by any other person.


    Do you have a business or a product that you want to introduce to the market? The more followers you have on your business account, the more people will assume it is credible and effective.

What makes our followers the best?


    With us, you will get quality followers. By quality, we mean every follower you get will at the very least have a picture. Thus, whoever visits your profile will be able to think that your thousands of Instagram free followers are real and genuine. With this kind of following you won’t have any problems such as people starting to ask questions about the authenticity of your followers.


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What’s with the surveys?

We have added surveys to ensure we offer a service that is 100% fast, effective and free of malicious bots! Without the surveys, our website would be slowed down by bots – computer programs designed by others to take advantage of our service. If that were to happen, clients like you would not be able to access our free services. The surveys are a clever way of preventing these bots from slowing down our servers since there are no bots that can answer surveys like humans do!

The surveys usually take no more than five minutes of your time. You normally have to give several details like your name and number. Most surveys will ask you about your opinion on something, and it’s mostly a choice of yes or no, or providing a rating of between 1 and 5. Some of you would definitely think that this will take their time but what are five or seven minutes compared to having to pay $50 or $100 for the same service we are offering here for free.

If you really want to get followers on Instagram, then you wouldn’t mind spending a couple of minutes on a survey, would you? Get the followers you need now by following the steps above!