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Here at GrabFreeFollowers we offer a unique service unlike any other, for a limited time only we are offering up to 50,000 Instagram followers completely free of charge! You can choose anything between 1 – 50,000 either sent to your account straight away or drip fed over a couple of days/weeks.

When using our service your account will always be in safe hands, you will have nothing to worry about as we use methods which are completely legal. We also use a 256bit encryption and all followers will be sent through private proxy connections. 

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These testimonials are from real people who have used our service, they were happy to let us use their pictures and you can too, simply use our contact form and let us know how we’re doing.

Jesse tried GrabFreeFollowers for the first time and gained 20,000 followers for Instagram.

Before and after Instagram followers

Josh was a returning user and decided to have 50,000 followers sent all at once!

Before and after free followers on Instagram

Selina gave us a go and selected 5,000 followers, she had them drip fed over 6 days.

Before and after followers for Instagram

Enter Instagram Username

You are just a few moments away from becoming famous on Instagram, we require some details such as your username, how many followers you want and how many days it should take us to deliver them. Don’t worry we will never ask for anything personal such as your password as this should never be shared with anyone! 

Please go ahead and fill out the 3 boxes below so we can begin to send your free followers for Instagram.

Please enter your username including the “@” tag, example – @therock

Step 01 - Enter Username

To get started simply enter your username in the text field provided, don’t forget to put the @ tag in front of your username. Please also remember to double check the username and make sure it is correct otherwise the system won’t be able to find you.

Step 02 - Select Package

In the second box you can select how many followers you want to be delivered to your account, we have a wide variety of packages so we hope there is one which suits your needs. If you would like to order anything custom then you can let us know by sending us an email here.

Step 03 - Drip Feed

We offer a super unique function which lets you choose the delivery time of your followers, We let you choose anything from instant to a whole month, we recommend choosing at least 3 days for the drip-feed as this makes things look natural to your followers.

What makes our followers the best?

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GrabFreeFollowers only supplies the best quality followers possible, all of our accounts are created and handpicked by professionals. Each and every single one of our followers will have a full profile, this means it will have a profile picture, posts, and a bio. If anyone decides to check out your followers not to worry as they will look like genuine profiles.

Dripfeed your followers?

We provide followers in two different ways, if you really want your followers in a hurry we can deliver the entire batch of instantly. However, if you want your followers to start increasing on a day-to-day or weekly basis, select a drip-feeding option and we will do this for you. We recommend selecting a minimum of 3 days as it looks natural in the eyes of your followers.



Imagine having 50k followers who don’t engage with your profile when you post a picture or video? Anybody viewing your account will definitely know that something is off, right?  Well, that’s where GrabFreeFollowers are different! They will like your photos and even leave a comment!
Insta Saftey


When using our service you do not need to worry about anything, we have been sending followers for over 3 years and nothing bad such as a ban has ever happened. We use a 256-bit encryption and a private proxy connection just as a precaution. We also will never ask for your password nor ask you to download any programs.

Free Instagram Followers

Free Of Charge

GrabFreeFollowers offers this service completely free of charge with no strings attached, simply choose how many followers you want, select a drip feeding option and claim your Instagram free followers today!


Check out some of these reviews!

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I can’t believe how amazing this website is, at first I didn’t believe it was going to work but I decided to give it a try anyway. Thanks GFF for my 30k free followers on Instagram
teamwork followers


I thought this website was going to be just like all the others when I was prompt to complete the “human verification test” nevertheless I tried it anyway and to my amazement it actually worked!
Followers for instagram


Thank you so much, this website has saved me so much money! I’ve been looking how to get more followers on Instagram only to find other sites which scam me. Trust me guys this one is the real deal!
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Try this you won’t be disappointed! I selected the 50,000 package along with the 6-day drip feed and they even over delivered! what are you waiting for? get followers on Instagram today!

A few more ways you can get followers

If you would prefer to gain followers without using our FREE service then we have come up with a solution, before getting started we would like to mention that the methods we are about to list are time-consuming and are much harder. We would recommend to first claim one of our smaller packages to get a nice starting base, then you can follow one of the steps below to gain a constant natural following.


Keep updated with our blog

One of the best ways to gain free Instagram followers naturally is to keep updated with our blog, we post fresh content every month and you don’t want to miss out on this valuable information. We release unique information that nobody has ever shared so make sure you are the first to read it!  If you stick to everything we say on our blog then you will be well on your way to gaining thousands of natural followers each month!

Use relevant hashtags

When it comes to getting noticed we believe that Hashtags are the best thing you could possibly use, using them can open up your pictures for millions of people to see. However, like the title says you must use relevant hashtags and not something such as #like4like, this is a bad tactic and will only leave you with low-quality followers. Do some research to find the best hashtags for your pictures.

Post frequently, but not too much

Before you really start trying to boost them Instagram followers it’s a good idea to already have around 15 posts, this way when someone visits your profile they will see a full screen of photos and not just a small handful. GrabFreeFollowers recommends trying to post every day or two, this helps to keep your audience engaged with your profile. If posting every day or two is hard then use a tool like Later to schedule your posts.
Interact with others

Interact with others

Instagram is one big community and you must join in to get noticed, you should find a few profiles that interest you, follow their account and interact with their content. Following other people and liking their pictures will get you noticed and help you get your foot in the door!

What’s with the surveys?

We have added surveys to ensure we offer a service that is 100% fast, effective and free of malicious bots! Without the surveys, our website would be slowed down by bots – computer programs designed by others to take advantage of our service. If that were to happen, clients like you would not be able to access our free services. The surveys are a clever way of preventing these bots from slowing down our servers since there are no bots that can answer surveys like humans do!

The surveys usually take no more than five minutes of your time. You normally have to give several details like your name and number. Most surveys will ask you about your opinion on something, and it’s mostly a choice of yes or no, or providing a rating of between 1 and 5. Some of you would definitely think that this will take their time but what are five or seven minutes compared to having to pay $50 or $100 for the same service we are offering here for free.

If you really want to get followers on Instagram, then you wouldn’t mind spending a couple of minutes on a survey, would you? Get the followers you need now by following the steps above!